'Who told you I want my own man?!' Karen Nyamu blasts troll after DP called out Samidoh

The nominated senator dumped the singer in December

Karen Nyamu smiling.
Image: Instagram

Politician Karen Nyamu is breathing fire after her fans asked her whether she had seen a video of DP Gachagua telling her baby daddy Samidoh to manage his house.

On Monday, the second in command called out Mugiithi singer for his public drama in Dubai between his first wife Edday Nderitu and baby mama Karen Nyamu.

Gachagua said Samidoh's public antics had embarrassed the country.

Today morning, Karen has taken to her Facebook page to talk about opposition leader Raila Odinga's recent rally at Kamukunji on Monday.

Her followers diverted the attention of the post with some asking her about the statement by DP Gachagua during the burial of Moses Kuria’s sister in Gatundu.

A man identified as Joseph asked Karen why she has not searched for her own man.

"Mastered reading of Signs of time when you couldn't read such signs of time to get your own man!!! A total disgrace to the legal profession."

Responding to the fan, Karen asked him not to plan her life.

"Joseph who told you I want my own man? Usinipangie life. (Don't plan my life)," she wrote.

Another fan identified as Martha JM Miano said;

"Ulisikia vile Riggy G aliambia your husband na Edday awapange ama akuwe disciplined? (Did you hear what Riggy G told your husband to be disciplined?)

Karen responded with an unprintable word asking the fan to move on.

"Alipewa pia M*** ama ni ile tu missing in action hehehe ni inyui mwi kou (It's you who are still there).

Samidoh has also responded to Gachagua's public reprimand.

He took to his Instagram page to respond after the public dressing down, opining that almost everyone has a past and an even brighter future.

"Every angel has a past and every sinner has a future. Hon Moses Kuria," he wrote.

Kenyans on December 17th last year woke up to a video of Samidoh's widow Eddah and his side chick Senator Karen Nyamu fighting over him in a Dubai club where he was performing.