Pastor Kanyari brags about making Sh400K from TikTok

He joined TikTok recently

Pastor Kanyari brags about making Sh400K from TikTok

Pastor Victor Kanyari has allegedly made over Sh400,000 from tiktok.

The vocal preacher recently began a TikTok live session with his followers where he encouraged them to engage with him on the video app.

He urged those with prayer requests to also send them, and this appeared to win the love of his faithful who began sending him TikTok gifts that include lions.

One of the most coveted TikTok Live gifts is the Lion. It is worth about 400$.

Sending the Lion on TikTok Live displays a virtual lion that walks up to the screen and roars at the creators and audience. 

It's one of the most impressive TikTok Live gifts you can send to someone. 

In an undated livestream explaining to someone his intentions, the pastor shared how much he has made, revealing it was in the form of gifts.

"TikTok nimepata more than 400,000 nime tengeza 400k, wamenipea bure. na hiyo 400k nataka kupeana kwa childrens home," he said. 

He told critics he has no intention of leaving TikTok, as many users need him.

"Imagine na watu wanaimbia nitoke tiktok, ukae peke yako tiktok, sitoki. im just here because I love you, I love tiktok na ningependa watu amabe wananyanyaswa na shetani," he added. 

That is my role I want to give it to a children's home. Mimi Naweza Tuma lion, welcome, people shouldn't see that im here too much because of money, I'm not here because I have been sent a gift"

Kanyari at the time of launching his TikTok live sessions told that his motive was only to use the money for CSR.

He said charities like children's home were his focus, and that gifts would help him realize his mission.

However, a section of Kenyans were still skeptical of his intentions.