Watch: Lady advises unemployed people living in peoples' homes

Her video has caused a lot of mixed reactions online

The lady
Image: Screengrab

A middle-aged lady on the short video platform TikTok, by the name Zoe Favour Backup, has stirred controversy on the platform after uploading a video giving advice to people who live lavish lifestyles while in peoples' homes.

The lady advised those individuals who dislike working and rely on their hosts to take care of them at home to engage themselves in domestic chores as a way to motivate the one who supports them.

She stated that if you are a guest and you rely on your host, especially if they have welcomed you into their home, then it's your responsibility to do all the household chores including washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, making the bed, and others.

"I'm not saying this in a bad way but if you live with someone and you're not able to assist them with household chores, then engage yourself in domestic work. Wash dishes, clean, cook... show that you're also responsible," advised the lady.

"It's not right to live with someone and spend the whole day in the living room with the remote control in hand complaining about how stressed you are, then when I cook you want to eat. I've come back and brought food, then I have to cook for you again, my friend, this is not a hotel," she added.

She mentioned that this is the only way to motivate the homeowner to continue living with you without getting tired, but if you act lazy, then you're the one who will end up outside starting to complain that you were mistreated.

"And after a month or two, you start saying that I was telling you, that you didn't have freedom," she said.

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