Baba Talisha reveals how Sh8 million contributed for Chira were spent & what's remaining

Baba Talisha responds to allegations of embezzling Chira's burial funds

Baba Talisha

Following the immense scrutiny he has been receiving ever since taking charge of Brian Chrira's fundraiser and burial arrangements, TikToker Faustine Don aka Baba Talisha has come out to fiercely defend himself.

Taking to his TikTok page which has over 866.1k followers, the father of one held a live session where he accounted for every single penny of the over Sh8 Million contributed towards Chira's burial and building his grandmother a fitting home.

Baba Talisha felt the need to do this after several accusations were launched against him by select netizens. Several individuals went as far as accusing the digital content creator of acquiring a new iPhone 15 for himself with the send-off funds as well as questioning why he'd self-appointed himself as treasurer and custodian of the money.

Talk of him embezzling Chira's burial funds began when the money hit SH.5 million.

In his live video, Baba T did a breakdown of how the money was used, and how much is currently remaining. 

"Can you see? Can you see clearly? That is Sh.8 Million that I transferred from the account...and then this is the Sh. 1.760,150 that we used for the burial.

The only thing missing from that Sh.1.7 that we withdrew is Sh.100/= that we are trying to account for. That we really don't know where it went. Those people for "accountability" there you go. I'm done with that," stated Baba T as he showed all those who had tuned into the live video a piece of paper that had a comprehensive account where things had been detailed.

He went on to add that the money for building Chira's grandmother a decent house was still very much intact.

Highlighting contrary to popular belief the money was actually in shosho's account and not his as he showed off Sh. 7.2 million balance.

Finishing up he went on to thank all those who contributed towards Chira's contribution and those who stayed up with him for several sleepless nights pushing the paybill.

"But now shosho has been given a notice, shortly after I finished clearing up her debts she has been given a notice and ordered to vacate by the 5th month of this year. 

The guka has said she should have moved from that place by then.

I really want to thank every single one of you that took part and the sleepless nights I spent here. I had kind of hoped that we would get to Sh.10 million or Sh.9 million and I have a reason why I wanted us to hit that goal but it is okay," Faustine candidly said. 

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