Angry Willy Paul lectures Butita over Konshens & KRG [Screenshot]

Willy Paul got angry after Butita attacked him and singer Alaine

Alaine, Willy Paul, Butita, Konshens and KRG

Kenyan musician Willy Paul is not happy with Comedian Eddie Butita after he tried to make fun of his relationship with Jamaican singer Alaine Laughton.

Butita shared a clip while mocking dancehall artiste KRG the Don for turning Jamaican star Konshens into a commoner during his recent stay in Kenya.

He accused KRG of taking Konshens local clubs, making him “Mtu wa Kawaida” as opposed to his celebrity status.

“You have been rooming everywhere with Konshens … I met with him in CBD and he has now become just a regular artiste, the same thing Willy Paul did to Alaine. She could be seen buying sukuma wiki on the streets,” Eddie Butita said.

At the same time, KRG defended himself saying no Kenya artiste can afford to host Konshens like he did.

“I know what is paining you people is that you can’t even afford to stay with him for 5 minutes. There is now even one Kenyan artiste who can shake hands with him, they all shake when they see him.

“In just one hour his rider gets at least $4000…they were staying in South C but for ours, it was GTC in a penthouse,” KRG said.

Upon seeing the video, an angry Willy Paul lectured Butita, asking him to refrain from ‘disrespecting’ Alaine.

“@eddiebutita you're my boy, but it can get ugly if you don't watch your mouth! Hii sio clout nasaka. The lady unataja mpatie heshima zake. The song I Do bado inamake history mpaka sai... usirudi kunitaja kwa ujinga tena! I said it here coz I read it here,” Willy Paul warned.

In a quick rejoinder Butita said; “Si ulie basi…Waaaaa I wish ningenyamaza ona sasa Willy Paul anatrend,”.

Willy Paul's reaction

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