I don’t believe in Awards & Nominations – Octopizzo

He goes on to say that sometimes judging artistes based on one song or performance is unfair.


Rapper Henry Ohanga aka Octopizzo has made it known to the public that he doesn’t believe in awards and nominations systems as a way of celebrating artistes.

Octo argues that most awards organizers don’t know what goes on behind the scenes before a song is released to the public.

He goes on to say that sometimes judging artistes based on one song or performance is unfair.

“I don't believe in auditions and Awards, because all these people have equally worked hard and everyone’s tune is different, so you can’t come as an awardee and say this guy has worked harder than this.. you don’t know the hustle the guy went through to have just one song.

So there is no way you can come here and tell me, this guy has performed better than this other guy so let me give him/her an award/trophy," Octo says.

However, he contradicts himself by admitting that the only award he can take or accept in his musical career is a Grammy.

During the candid conversation, the rapper disclosed that at one time he was forced to return an award he had been given 

“I don’t do awards, and if I ever do awards then it will be Grammy, and that it. I don’t want any other award. Actually, there was one time I returned an award because all of us worked hard... Every artiste works hard if the one you think his/her songs are bad,” Octopizzo said in part.

In 2021, Octopizzo made a huge milestone in his music career after making it to the 2022 Grammy Awards consideration list.

The Grammy Awards Academy had proposed that Octopizzo be nominated in four categories; Best Global Album (Jungle Fever), Best Global Music Performance (Lela), Producer of the Year Non-ClassicalBest Rap Song (Pockets, Interlude), and Best Rap Performance (Pockets, Interlude).

This is the second time, Octopizzo is being proposed for the Grammy Awards. Last year, he became the first rapper from Kenya to make it to the consideration list.

What is a Grammy consideration?

These are entries that meet all eligibility requirements to be included in the first ballot, which goes to the recording academy's voting members, who then vote for the entries they believe should receive a nomination.

The Grammy Award, or just Grammy is considered one of the four major annual American entertainment awards, along with the Academy Awards (film), the Emmy Awards (television), and the Tony Awards (theater and Broadway).

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