Octopizzo’s tweet roasting Khaligraph Jones backfires badly

Rapper Octopizzo’s savage tweet to Khaligraph Jones backfires badly

Octopizzo’s tweet roasting Khaligraph Jones backfires badly

Talented rapper Henry Ohanga alias Octopizzo has weighed in on the ongoing roast between Khaligraph Jones and Tanzanian rappers.

This is after Papa Jones went harm on all Tanzanian rappers – dissing them in a series of tracks that have now ignited a heated war of words among Hip-Hop headers and other stakeholders.

Commenting on the ongoing beef, the Number Nane finest accused Khaligraph of seeking validation from Tanzanians.

He went on to allege that Papa Jones was going through something and that is why he opted to pick a battle with Tanzanian rappers.

“Kenyan Rapper still desperate for validation and clout 10 years later. Picking fights with everyone to stay afloat & relevant. Sad indeed.

“Hope you heal from what you going through coz it’s showing in a different way. That’s not hip-hop that’s a cry for help,” Octopizzo said.

However, in a quick rejoinder, fans accused Octopizzo of buying bots to make his Tweet popular on X app (Twitter).

Many of the quoted replies on Octo’s Tweet appeared suspicious as they had been quoted using a trending hashtag that involved American rapper Pusha T.

The act watered down Octopizzo’s efforts to bash Khaligraph Jones as Tweeps (X-users) also exposed him for employing dirty tricks while bashing his long-term nemesis.

In a separate tweet, Khaligraph Jones warned Tanzania rappers that they are far from catching him after dropping a diss track dubbed ‘Bongo Flava”.

“You can't Respond to Bongo Favour with emotions but from a point of understanding,  I’ve been doing this for too long to know how to approach such matters, izo matusi mumejaza kwa izo Disstracks zenu sasa Zinawaramba wenyewe, its a chess game, Not Checkers,” Papa Jones said.

For the better part of this week, Khaligraph has been a trending topic after he ignited a rap challenge with Tanzanian rappers.

The hashtag #KenyaVsTanzania has also been trending as Tweeps flex their muscles on who go bars between Tanzanian rappers and their Kenyan counterparts.

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