Huddah Monroe set to open own church in Kenya as she relocates from Dubai

Her church is named, 'Huddah Prosperity Church'.

Social media influencer, content creator, and owner of Rich Beauty, Huddah Monroe, announced that she will open her church when she comes back to Kenya.

The Dubai-based Kenyan socialite posted on her Instagram story that she is set to come back to Kenya in 2 years.

She said that upon her arrival she would open a church since the Holy Spirit summoned her.

Huddah Monroe instagram story
Image: Instagram

Huddah had said, ''The thought of moving back to Kenya permanently is eating my ass coz I sold my car thinking ill never live there again. But there is a God's project that needs my ass to be still.''

Her church is named, 'Huddah Prosperity Church'.

She then shared some of the songs, comically, that she would love to play in her church including, I am blessed by Vegas.

She went ahead and invited everyone of all religion including Muslims to her church. She explained that her church will transform lives and bring peace to people.

Huddah's IG story

Besides this, Huddah also lamented of how she doesn't have a car to run her errands when she is Kenya.

She said that she had bought a car but resold it because she thought that she would never come back to Kenya.

She also made a fuss about the Uber transportation in Kenya, ''Uber needs to upgrade. If its XL/Black, bring even a Prado we will pay! Iko nini.''

She bragged how she prefers to be driven than rive herself.

Hudda IG story