Salasya lectures Eric Omondi over comedian's remarks

The comedian was recently seen demonstrating with a group of mama mboga

Peter Salasya
Image: Instagram

Mumias Member of Parliament Peter Salasya has criticized Eric Omondi for claiming politicians have failed the public after the comedian went to protest with mama mboga.

''Eric Omondi don't call Members of Parliament wasaliti yet you don't know. Bill haijafika ata kwa bunge,'' Hon Salasya said.

He said that the Finance Bill is just at the budget stage and it is yet to be passed as it is still under public participation.

Salasya further said that MPs like him are working hard to serve the citizens hence Eric should state facts because MPs are doing their jobs.

He said, ''How can someone like me be a betrayer when I have personally not read the Finance Bill 2024? We have not seen that thing tabled in parliament.''

Hon Salasya said that the fate of the Finance Bill 2024 is yet to be decided because it has not been presented to the parliament.

"Until it is brought forward and they vote then Eric Omondi and other Kenyans will have the reason to protest if it will be voted against their favour," he added.

He urged Eric to try and run for a political seat and serve Kenyans so that he could judge whether or not member of parliaments were representing Kenyans the right way.

He also asked him to stop clout chasing and rather to work on the ground.