Man fired for refusing to share his food with manager at work

What would you do if your boss kept on sampling your food on a daily basis

The affected man
Image: X

A man on the X forum, identified as Somto Ihezue has surprised netizens after revealing the reason that led to him losing his job.

The man said he lost his job shortly after refusing his boss's attempt to taste his lunch. The man, who is now employed elsewhere, recounted past experiences from his previous job and explained in detail what he thinks led to his dismissal by his former boss.

Somto said that the incident happened one day when his boss, who liked to eat the food of the workers, started tasting each person's food one by one.

But before it was his turn, he quickly picked up his food so that his boss couldn't taste it.

However, his boss knew this and looked at him with a sad face. Just one week after that, he was fired by the boss who said that Somto wasn't getting along well with his colleagues.

He wrote, “I got fired because I wouldn't let the manager eat my lunch. He always went around eating everyone's lunch, so one day, I quickly gathered my food before he reached me. He looked at me for a long time, angrily. I was fired the following week.

The post attracted a wide range of funny comments with some congratulating her for getting a job elsewhere and avoiding the boss's behavior.

"I hope you took his name from dibia or god or anyone tbh because he was declaring war," Chikamma told him.

"This is crazy, but then again it could be one way God used to keep you from the manager's tick, huh," one said.