Maina speaks on Gachagua arriving late for Ruto event

King''ang'i also tickled listeners with his speech about Akorino people not asking for a public holiday

During their morning show, Maina and King'ang'i discussed the recent Akorino Day events. They joked about how the Akorino community did not request a public holiday like other religions do.

King'ang'i humorously remarked, "Imagine hawakuitisha holiday. You know today ingekua holiday."

Yesterday, the Akorino National Thanksgiving Prayer Conference was held in Nakuru, attended by the President and his Deputy.

However, Deputy President Gachagua arrived at the conference after the President, while the service was already underway.

When it was his turn to address the gathering, the DP first apologised for his tardiness before making his remarks.

“Mr. President, first of all, I want to ask for forgiveness from you for coming late. I am not an undisciplined person. I was a uniformed officer, and in your government, I am the most disciplined person,” the DP explained to President William Ruto why he arrived at the event about an hour late.

Maina Kageni asked their listeners, "What are your thoughts on this?" People responded with varied opinions:

  • Mossy wa Kanyiri: "The Deputy President curse in Kenya is so entrenched and real. Gachagua should have learnt from his predecessors that the presidency is a jealous institution. His job was one, to tame Uhuru, and he did it well. It's over for him now."
  • Peter Gichuki (PK): "We understand and forgive his lateness, but when it’s frequent, one may be forgiven for saying it’s deliberate and disrespectful."
  • Victor Koome: "Good morning Maina, politics in Kenya is about betrayal. You support me, and you will need to find support when your turn comes."
  • Harris Kaleli: "This is the equivalent of, 'I don't mean to disrespect you, BUT...' Then goes on to disrespect you big time!"