Kenyans tell Maina Kageni about the Republic of Congo

The country is estimated to have the most natural resources in the world

On today's morning show Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i spoke about the African country of Congo.

They engaged their listeners on what they knew about the Democratic Republic of Congo and the uniqueness of the country.

Maina asked the listeners, "Have you been to Congo? What did you like or did not like? And what opportunities did you see?"

The Democratic Republic of Congo is considered the world’s richest country in terms of wealth in natural resources. most raw materials in Congo are unscathed and are worth approximately $24trillion. These deposits include the worlds largest coltan reserves and considerable amounts of cobalt. 

This is what some of the listeners had to say about Congo .

Peace Tables You see #congo being considered the world’s richest country in terms of wealth in natural resources is why many groups fight inside Congo & self evident that Congo will continue to struggle with her people as long as 80% of those resources are owned by foreign beneficiaries.

Senior Kapenguriah Morning Maina . I like Congo because of the green Land also the environment and also there are beautiful ladies like never before they have good heart not like these Kenya ladies for makeups when ukisalimia anaringa na kutingiza huggah za ku boost Try to go Congo.

Roberts Talk about the genocide happening there.