King'ang'i - She was beautiful but she lived in Mirema

The comedian was speaking about how important first impressions are

Mwalimu King'ang'i
Image: Courtesy

On Kashshe last week, Mwalimu King'ang'i brought up the hilarious topic of how people introduced themselves.

He went ahead and gave his story, saying, “Nimekutana na mtu kwa lift akaniambia anaishi Mirema na hapo ndio story imeishia."

He further explained how the person he met looked presentable and beautiful, but upon asking where they resided, it left him shocked.

He stressed how the first encounter with someone mattered a lot. In addition, what someone said as an introduction could also give different reactions, criticisms, and judgments.

For instance, Mwalimu did not expect the lady he encountered in the lift, looking beautiful, would reside in Mirema.

Maina and Mwalimu joked about how some places people chose to reside are a turn-off or were a shock.

They explained to their listeners how one might look smart and presentable, and you might think differently of them until they uttered a word.

They asked how their listeners would have reacted if it were them. Mwalimu also asked how people's first encounter with others had been.

Watch the funny clip below: