Why do you celebrate your moms more than your wives?

Mike Mondo asked the odd question after he noticed the strange phenomenon this past weekend

Mike Mondo
Image: Instagram

The world celebrated Mother's Day on 12th May and Mike Mondo observed that men appreciated their mothers more than their wives.

During the morning  show, the suave radio presenter noted,

"Yesterday was Mother's Day and I noticed something a lot of men were gifting their mothers the most expensive things, where were their wives? Fellas, why didn't you celebrate you wives the way you did with your moms?"

Mwalimiu himself said, "If there's someone who will never turn their backs on you is your mother. Jaribu kukuwa mgonjwa uone! Guys, why do you celebrate your mothers more than your wives? Ladies, did your man do anything for you on Mother's Day?"

After King'angi and Mike Mondo were done having the debate, they opened the floor to Kenyans.

Some listeners responded by saying that it was not Wife's Day but rather it was Mother's Day.

Read some of the other comments below:

Eric Derick yesterday was mothers’s day not wives’day! The kids wished their mother a mothers’day and i did the same to my mother!

The Captain Viquetar Mother's day is and was meant for our MOTHERS, Valentines day is for our gfs and wives. The difference is clear.

Luhya President KenyaWas it wives day or mothers day?

Festus Ongaga There's women's day, we'll wait till then. #MikeAndKingangi

Dancan Onyango Ojiem It was mothers day and not wives day; wives to wait for valentine day

Kevoh Di Shadow 1. God 2. My Mother 3.the rest follows