Have you ever dated your friend's partner secretly? - Maina

Maina you know women don't have that bro code- Caller

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i

Classic 105 Radio hosts Mwalimu King'ang'i and Maina Kageni asked Kenyans especially ladies if they have ever been in a situation where their partners have ever secretly dated their friends.

Mwalimu King'ang'i stated,"Sasa wewe unasifu bwana yako kwa marafiki zako telling them how I am a king and 10/10. Sasa wanajiambia wacha tujionee."

Maina joined the conversation with a question; "Guys, why her friends? Ladies let me tell you something if a man gets intimate with one of your friends, that's the highest level of disrespect."

A caller made a call and narrated her real story of betrayal by her best friend.

"Maina you know women don't have that bro code. I found out that my best friend was sleeping with my husband. I looked at his phone and found their messages, how they met. Yaani walikuwa wananibeba ufala,".

Here are some of the comments made by Netizens:

@mc_tonje· Good morning Maina. Unlike men women are their own enemies, that's all I can say.

@mosy8019·The worst mistake you can make as a man is to date your wife's friends. The repercussions are grave. The hurt will be too much for her to bear. I treat all her friends as my sisters and respect them. It is the best gift I can give to her.

@mosy8019·It's only a stupid man who can dare date her friends to his wife or girlfriend. It is being disrespectful and not being adventurous.

@cosmas_mwaka·Mr. Maina a responsible man has a high demand outside here , women too don't say no to any response man. They will always show interest and give in so easily13

@marish_pixxie·My ex boyfriend was hitting on my bestfriend na the girl told me kila kitu and showed me the chats. the man knew what he was doing Juu alikua ameweka disappearing messages after 24 hours (thank God walibarn GB wozap) so its about men controlling themselves.