Would ladies give up your gfs for your man-Maina asks

The answers came in hard and fast with some hilarious responses

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i

Classic 105 presenters Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i asked ladies to give their opinion on whether life has changed since they got married and in addition as a lady, would they give up their girlfriends for their man.

Below are some of the comments posted  by fellas:

@FrancisGatuku·Preserve your essence; setting boundaries safeguards against losing oneself to others' demands.

@wafuladivas1·Gooooood Morning mr ... maina They said old is Gold.... i Wont Quit.... Outer Chemororoch massive Kipsomba uasin Gishu is Listening

@wafuladivas ·Goooooood Morning Mr.... maina They say Old is Gold..... i Won't Quit... OUTER CHEMOROROCH IS LISTENING

@wafuladivasGoooood Morning Mr.... maina.... Old Is Gold.... I Won't Give Up..... Chemororocj Uasin Gishu Is Listening

@native_kenya·I know of ladies who will sacrifice all their happiness for a ma . But how many men will reciprocate this?

@SShap26074·Once you get married somethings Must change...even me am a foot addict but since married l have limited that...YOU MUST CHANGE#MainaAndKingangi ri

@jennykanyiri·As a lady even if you drop friends not all but you remain with a few whom you confide in anytime you've an issue and those are the true ones whom you go out with ,, getting married doesn't mean you become a lone ranger as a lady

@GitariEdwin·Different people, different circumstances, different perspective, different cultures, different environment, different society e.t.c there is no way we can have the same opinion, we compromise to have an understanding24

@DangraghK·Maina wacha watu wajinice baaana mke ni baada ua sherehe

a@AmosWafula88207·Mm kna wakati nliamua kuoka ...2011..nkaenda na my to be..kfka home .. grandfather akakatia w uyo Dem ..guess what 4Amos @AmosWafula88207·10hKuoka ni stress

@Moyes46094608·maina those ladies they push us to go work Dubai and middle east so they left enjoy the money we send back home.thats why they have no hurry go home because their husband are far away.

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