Maina: How some ladies avoid paying cab fares on weekends

The Classic105 host's shocking revelation led to a lot of comments from listeners

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

On yesterday's morning show, Maina Kageni spoke about certain ladies who pay their cab drivers with intimate 'favours' instead of paying the fare.

"Apparently, on Fridays and Saturdays a minority of ladies don't pay for their cab rides in cash they instead choose to get intimate with the driver. Isn't this someone's Bishara?" Maina said.

This is what some of the replies that Netizens gave on the Classic 105 X page:

@jennykanyiri·Why do cab drivers agree to this arrangement? This shows they are willing to be in this ,,as here it's willing parties as no one is forced into it,and that's how some drivers are bringing down their cab service business down as they're unable to pay the loans

@SShap26074·Ladies of now days are so cheap like tanzania economy

@OjiemDancan·Ukiongeza women kwa biashara ndio utajua wide loss margin......separate entity principle is real and effective1

@IvanAdagala·Unabeba mwingine anakuuliza tulipane aje....

6Blessing@QuzaBlessing·Things we see in movies

@gashogoooo·Pochi la biashara taken literally too far

@Paulbanks007·morning I don't know why every mistake done by a woman they look for a turn around to justify it by saying why don't men say no cause your someone's woman why expose your body for a fare off 2k and you claim we demonize women who can undress not to pay fare

@SirMoyi18480·Pochi ya bihashara Fear women  Where are we heading as a country !. Welcome to home of good times & grates hits.

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