'Waist beads ni uchawi!' Maina Kageni told by men

"Every man is attracted to them; I don't get why!" remarked Maina.

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

Radio host Maina Kageni has inquired from Classic 105 listeners about the purpose of waist beads, citing their commonality and the mysteries surrounding their significance.

"Every man is attracted to them; I don't get why!" remarked Maina.

Mwalimu King'ang'i joined in, stating, "Waist beads were just chilling! Ladies, what's the secret behind these waist beads? What attracts men to these things?"

However, many listeners linked waist beads to witchcraft, and their reactions on X were as follows:

The Captain Viqueter expressed, "Witchcraft tupu! Any lady with these beads, tattoos, and or nose rings or any other piercings on her body is a red flag, run... Unless she's a Maasai girl."

Zawadi Bomu commented, "People have taken our traditional adornments and are using them to spread very fantastical stories... but, tuendelee because tuta-do what?"

Ndesh shared, "Uliza King'ang'i kama watu wa Mombasa wanafanya uganga. Waist beads are a red flag... but isn't Maina's description similar to the harness used to tie horses?"

Kiptoo Kelvin warned, "Maina, this witchcraft of the highest order. These girls are more powerful; come to Thika, you'll confirm."

Presenter DK stated, "Hello Maina, for me, mambo na waist beads is a no. We always believe that it is associated with immorality na witchcraft."

Mike Adaka added, "I never get fascinated by this. We are all being superstitious and believing myths and all sorts of stories associated with them. Kiuno ni kiuno tu."

Dan Patrick humorously shared, "Me seeing this after I got married to the wearer of the same on the 6th day after we met."

Young Profesa Amoh cautioned, "Maina, such ladies come with lots of repercussions and dangers, and men should avoid them at all costs."

Khadija Mfalame shed light on a different perspective, saying, "Maina adi sai huku kwetu some parents usually use special beads to shield young daughters from black magic. Cha kushangaza even boys are also protected from such evil forces by wearing those things."

Michale Kariuki shared his thoughts, "Hi Maina and Kingangi, about the beads. I believe that they have no powers but in the minds of most men, they associate or assume a woman wearing the beads must be a pro in bed. Also applies to a chic who wears a thong. Just my thoughts. Good day, and am loving the show."

Gathee wa Mataara Sacco dismissed any weight-loss claims, stating, "Maina hakuna story na kuloose weight; this is total uchawi ushetani."

Cleophas Kangethe provided a more cultural perspective, "Women wear waist beads for various reasons, including cultural and aesthetic purposes. In some cultures, waist beads symbolize femininity, beauty, or serve as a form of body adornment. Additionally, they can be worn for spiritual, celebratory, or even weight-monitoring reasons."

Steve Mulwa advised caution, saying, "Maina ukiona dem AKO na waist beads, tattoo ama nose piercing, avoid that lady like the plague... in fact, run, and you will thank me later."

Evans Kidinga advocated for embracing traditions, "Let's just be honest here; those things have been around since our great-grandparents' era. But us trying to be westernized have turned into self-hate. Our traditions were the backbone of our cultures. Lakini uzungu imetupiga hadi mila na utamaduni wetu tunaambiwa ni uchawi. Tujipende."

Mumbi2 added a humorous touch, "To us that date Ghanaian men... You must wear this even when you want to ask for money from him; there's a particular one you must wear so that he can give you money."