'My woman only knows 10-15% of what I own!' Shocked Maina Kageni told

During the morning show, Maina questioned men about their disclosure of wealth to their partners.

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

Maina Kageni has responded to the release of a list of unclaimed assets by the unclaimed financial assets authority, highlighting the gender disparity among the original owners and claimants.

During the morning show, Maina engaged his audience on the topic, particularly questioning men about their disclosure of wealth to their partners.

He asked, "Men, who knows about your wealth?" and added, "Men, why don't you tell your wives about all your properties?"

One caller expressed reluctance, stating, "You want us to tell our women all our secrets? My woman knows 10-15% of what I own. My God and myself know where my wealth is. If I die, they will search for them."

Another caller emphasized the danger associated with revealing wealth, commenting, "Mali nido imefanya watu wengi wauawe." Meanwhile, a different caller asserted, "She doesn't know about my wealth, and I have it. If I fall down and die this morning, let the money help the needy."

Reactions from listeners included various perspectives:

  • Isaac Sonteddy emphasized the impact of societal challenges on trust and acknowledged the complexities of the situation.

  • Young Profesa quoted an African saying, suggesting that men tend to keep their assets secret due to trust issues.

  • Levil Mwanawasa advocated for men only disclosing their wealth to children and parents, excluding their wives.

  • Steve Mulwa expressed a preference for directing insurance savings and inheritance to children, trusting them more than anyone else.

  • Grey Boy suggested that only one's mother deserves to know everything about assets, emphasizing the government's role if information is not shared.

  • Nyahururu Finest humorously stated that a woman should only know what's in a man's pants, closing the case.

  • The monk emphasized that individually gained assets are not owed to a wife, suggesting shared assets if generated together.