'I'm already tired of seeing him!' Lady married for 2 yrs tells Maina

"There are some marriages that are thriving! What's the secret? If you are not with the person you were meant to be with, why are you still there?"

Maina Kageni
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Popular radio hosts Maina Kageni and King'ang'i had an engaging discussion on marriages on today's morning broadcast at Classic 105.

The question of the day was whether marriage vows were so crucial that one spouse had to stay in the union or may leave if things didn't work out.

Maina hoped that his audience would help him to understand why people remained in marriages even if they were sick of their partners and shouldn't use their children as a justification.

"There are some marriages that are thriving! What's the secret? If you are not with the person you were meant to be with, why are you still there?"

The morning conversation was inspired by a lady Maina met the previous day who explained she was tired of her marriage.

She stated; " Marriage is tiresome, I wake up and look at this man and I'm tired, it is not even two years since we got married and I'm tired of seeing him."

Maina further added that women don't love unconditionally there must be something wrong, and that's why they are tired.

Despite Maina's attempt to make women call and share their views, they refused it was an all-male caller.

A caller didn't want to let the conversation slide without contributing, so he decided to call and said this;

" I want to ask you a question Maina, do you know why our parent's marriages lasted long? Ni coz of the understanding of the m, marriage.. the problem with the young generation is that they want to rush things, they aren't mature enough washazoea honeymoon stage ikiisha they want to walk out of the commitment."

The presenters were left astonished after a caller stated he stayed in a marriage for 3 months and it was toxic.

"I was married for 3 months nikatoka kwa marriage, marriage is toxic my ex-wife alikuwa anakataa kunipea my conjugal rights since day one, nilichoka kungonja na alikuwa hanitrust completely. Tulikuwa tunaishi pamoja na hatuongeleshani and we weren't sleeping in the same room, nilikuwa najipikia, najifulia yaani najifanyia kila kitu niliamua kucomplain kwa wazazi wake but they didn't do anything nilichoka nikawalk away."

Another caller added;

"Maina you know in marriage when it starts its sweet beginging nilikuwa natoilewa socks napigiwa nguo pasi sai ata hajui pahali kiatu iko mimi ndio najitafutia, siku hizi ni mimi ndio napika nikiuliza naambiwa yeye alipate jikoni hapo si jikoni ilimpata so hapiki. everything was sweet then it changed one day."

 The duo finished the morning conversation by reading a tweet from one of the listeners that stated one should marry a person who respects them because people love what they respect.

Below are some of the tweets from some listeners.

@musanga_john·- good morning Mr. Maina, it's just that mtu unajipatanga kwa mix, maybe the lady ako ball yako, unakosa otherwise or you are being threatened by her family, you just end up marring her

@jennykanyiri·23m -Though Marriage thrive due to both partner's input never bow to pressure and stay in a toxic and abusive relationship, to please outsiders, your mental health and happiness come first, so leave, you better become divorced

@AngelaM87677375·23m -Roles changed, everything changed and now you are there expecting me to behave like your mother while I'm helping you with your provision role. Coming to marriage with that mindset you'll be disappointed.

@Solderwamundoro·25m-Men, build a woman and she'll leave you. Build yourself and she'll be proud to be with you. And she won't be tired of you, think or have time to leave you.

@NgabsStan -Is this guy serious ..this is the problem when two people wa kivuli kuona ...no one is ready to step down his pride ... marriage one must play the role of fool and the other the role of wise but if both are wise then it will not work ...