Maina and King'ang'i: A woman taking care of a man ni urogi!

The duo posed a serious question of when should a woman say it's enough and walk away from a man who is jobless.

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

During the morning conversation at Classic 105, the dynamic duo began by welcoming their listeners back on the show and criticised the man who called the previous day.

The morning conversation was inspired by yesterday's caller response that he stays at home and the wife brings him her salary for him to budget.

The duo posed a serious question of when should a woman say it's enough and walk away from a man who is jobless.

Although Maina supported the man yesterday, today he had a different opinion and said people should tell him the truth.

"Watu tumwambieni ukweli, huyu msichana hatakaa kwa hiyo relationship atachoka watu wamwambie ukweli."

Unlike in yesterday's conversation where men wanted to be the main contributors to the conversation, today women wanted to be in the spotlight. They even shared their worst experiences of dating jobless men. 

A caller said;

"Mimi nimekuwa married for 12 years and for a good 5 years my husband was jobless niliwalk out of the marriage the man was comfortable sana hakuwai tafuta job cause anajua nitamlisha,  matharau ilianza Maina I could not tolerate it and walked away.  Huyo msichana atachoka ikipita 2 years, matharau itaanza na she will  walk away."

Another added;

"Huyo ameenda kwa Abdaalaa...ati unaambia mwananume apange vitu na pesa yangu, na saa hiyo ngombe haina akili kwa hivyo utaniacha wewe utoke tu si mimi ndio ngombe, the man should leave."

The last female caller added;

"I was with a man for 5 years, alikuwa jobless. sometimes I could even leave him money to spend during the day. in all the 5 years I was with him hakuwai make an effort kutafuta job alijua nitampatia doh. Nilichoka nikawalk away. The guy was draining me."

The duo finished their conversation by concluding that it might be witchcraft that's why the women are giving their men money.

"Abdallah amecontribute kitu kwa relationship, hii ni kazi ya Abdalllah."

Some listeners decided to tweet their response, below are some of their tweets.

Jennifer Kanyiri@jennykanyiri -Such men who like to be financed by women have many stories of how they are doing something and will be okay financially, the deals which never materialised, kumbe ni lies tu #MainaAndKingangi

Giathi John@john_giath37491 -A true man will never be contented when a woman pays the bill only a Ben ten feels comfortable

Kenny Wainaina@WainainaKe57257 -No any given tym a man should be jobless,mijengo,boda,konda,...job ziko ni vilemen wamekua so go n work......kuna tofauti ya patience n waste of tym........i cant sit there n get fed by a woman...never...... men are turning lazy........atleast kua jobless 2mnths

paul banks@Paulbanks007 -my own mother financed my step father and made him look like his the provider deep down I knew but played along when my mothers job closed he started acting funny with his own money leading her to set back to her monthers home so some men are not worth the help

Brian Mwikali (Mr Engineer)@Brian_Mwikali -Maina hakuna kitu kama submissive woman huku kenya,huyo mwanaume ni mjinga..That lady anacheza a very good game. @Classic105Kenya@ItsMainaKageni#MainaAndKingangi

Njêrî Ngûnû@Sherrywambs -Maina lemme tell you.The moment you show that man you can provide for him , he will get in an absolute comfort zone and be very picky when it comes to jobs.They even know how to be humble at that time.They are Hypocrites.@ItsMainaKageni@Classic105Kenya#Maina