Man to Mondo: I don't eat food prepared by my wife unless the baby tastes it first

Why are women becoming brutal and killing their partners, what is wrong with society?

Mike Mondo
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The renowned Monday pair of Mike Mondo and Mwalimu King'ang'i asked their listeners a serious question on today's morning show.

The speakers pleaded with the audience to enlighten them on the factors that lead some women to become merciless killers of their partners.

The tragedy of the late Eric Maigo, the finance director of Nairobi Hospital who was assassinated in his own home, served as the basis for the morning show.

The deceased finance director received 25 stab wounds.

The presenters were really dissatisfied with women who behave in such manner rather than leaving when circumstances become unpleasant.

Mike begged his listeners to simply leave when things got uncomfortable in a harsh tone.

"There have been so many cases of women harming their partners or children. Ladies ni nini? Kama mtu amekukasirisha just walk away."

Mwalimu King'ang'i added,

"This is very heartbreaking. Something should be done!

Some called had this to say regarding the topic. A caller shared his view and said he was once attacked with a knife by his girlfriend.

"Kuna dem alinigwara na kisu ya kukata mboga kwa sababu nilimkasirisha nilimpeleka police station alifiiungwa hadi wa leo nikona hiyo OB, na allikuwa ananiambia sumu ni elfu 10 tu anaweza nimaliza....King'ang'i  ogopa hao watu."   

A caller had this to say,

"Mike sai ukienda kwa nyumba wife akuweke food, unapea mtoto kwanza akule ukiona amekata unajua anataka kukumaliza. Demand ya men ni wengi sai msichana asikie ukona mtu anaeza fanya kitu out of anger."

Another added, 

"Kwani love inturn kuwa death, what is really happening I would like to know the other side of the story. hakuna reason inasatisfy kumuua just walk out mlikutana mkiwa wakubwa musiuane , if its not working walk out and go. Women tuache kujipendekeza pahali hatutakiwi ukiona hufiki level yake walk out its better you protect your life."

Some listeners decided to share their views through Twitter, below are some of the tweets;

@jennykanyiri -Ladies who do this don't know how to control anger, so it reaches a blown point leading to such acts

@mc_tonje-People are battling so many things inside and that tends to even impact their lives. What I'd say is that there's a solution to everything and some of these problems can just be solved by just CONVERSATION.

@michukipn- Nothing is worth your life.. if the relationship is not working leave when alive

@kisirani_wa- Mike watu wamekuwa wakali hata kuliko wanyama , wueeeeh where are we heading to, itabidi ucheze Ile mshike mshike by university of Nairobi

@AndrewMbugua001 -It's funny ladies are silent today... But the bitter, sad truth is that men are really suffering

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