Kumbe! King'ang'i discloses course he studied at university

University students shunning courses clamming they are insignificant.

Mwalimu King'ang'i
Image: Twitter

The most recent university selections have disappointed a lot of college students, with some claiming that the courses they were chosen won't pay them any money.

It has come to light that several degree classes only have one student, with only one month till freshmen begin attending their respective colleges.

Is their apprehension related to the high unemployment rate in the nation or to the well-known lie that your degree won't benefit you?

The main query on today's Classic105 morning show was, "Is your degree making you money?"

Mike Mondo claimed that his nursing education had not been of any assistance to him; as a result, he quit his work after only two months and entered the media profession.

Mike said he was upset that his four years of nursing school were in vain.

"I went to nursing school for a whole four years for nothing.."

Mwalimu King'ang'i, on the other hand, claimed that his study of theology had not brought him any financial benefit. "Degree si mbaya shida ni nini hiyo degree itakusaida nayo?"

When asked about the value of a degree, Mwalimu King'ang'i responded.King'ang'i believed that pupils should instruct others on how to become wealthy.

When they graduate from college, this will be much more helpful.The majority of Kenyans grumbled that their university degrees didn't help them get employment that paid well, so they had to take up other work instead.

Because the degree and the work they are performing now don't match at all, the degree became a piece of bragging paper and a tale to tell.

Only one listener mentioned how their degree helped them earn money out of all the comments made.

She was also the only student in her class to receive a degree; all of her classmates chose different career routes, and some even decided to give up on life.