Why King'ang'i furiously blasted man on morning show

Are Kenyan men becoming lazy waiting to be feed by their wives?

Mwalimu King'ang'i
Image: Twitter

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i had an intriguing discussion on whether they should let a woman handle the finances given that some men don't generate enough money.

Since the radio hosts couldn't comprehend how a male could stay at home, wait for a woman to feed him, and let her handle the household finances, they asked their listeners to participate in the discussion and make it interesting.

In order to understand how the women allowed it to happen and whether they were at ease with it, Maina addressed the question specifically to the women.

"I want to hear from ladies who earn more than their partners and give them all the money to decide how it's going to be budgeted."

The men were ready to talk and boast that their women brought them money, but it astonished the two of them that only one woman decided to call and argue with the radio hosts.

Mwalimu King'ang'i made the decision to be direct with one caller, advising them to take charge because they are the head of the household and shouldn't let the lady make all the decisions.

"Unafaa upigwe viboko as a man how do you let your woman control the finances, you are the head of the house, and act like it."

A caller had said,

"I have been unemployed for a year and my wife takes care of everything. She brings her salary at home and asks me how we can manage the money. Namwambia atoe take yake ya nywele, nguo, nails alafu tubudget from enye imebakia. I'm happy nimepata wife understanding leo nataka nikahustle town I come surprise her with some meat jioni."

The pair dismissed the caller, arguing that the man would not alter because he was already at ease there.

Maina "Huyo mwanaume hata wai tafuta kazi, anajua huyo bibi ataprovide kila kitu hawezi fanya kitu."

The first female caller said;

"I was the breadwinner for 8 years ndio my husband akapata job. Sai sina job he takes care of us lakini si kama vile nilikuwa naprovide. Huyo mwanaume hawezi nipea pesa ata za nywele amekuwa cold. Ladies usilishe mwanaume utaregret."

The pair concluded their show by advising women to exercise caution and not put up with men; men should provide for their families, not women.Some listeners chose to tweet their opinions because they didn't want to leave the subject before they had said what was on their thoughts. Some of the tweets are listed below.

Bella Ndichu@NdichuBella I would NEVER! give my money to any man. What if he disappears, what will I tell my village people? #MainaAndKingangi

Angela Muthoni Nyakinyua@AngelaM87677375 -Men feel intimidated by a lady doing better than them. My friend ended her marriage because the man was lazy she was so aggressive and hardworking. He used to beat her, just to prove he's still the man of the house. Self esteem issues @ItsMainaKageni #MainaAndKingangi @Classic105Ken

Jennifer Kanyiri@jennykanyiri -How can a man manage your money while you're the one working for it, Aren't you educated to handle your finances, Never agree to fall into this trap coz you'll regret it later #MainaAndKingangi

Bella Ndichu@NdichuBella -He should never know how much you earn or where you keep the money. Like in my case, he went away with everything, I found an empty house, just imagine if he had access to my bank accounts. #MainaAndKingangi

Rozzie@rozziemaish- Let me tell you maina either ni mwanaume ama mwanamke ile matharao utapata juu hauna pesa wacha tu kila mtu atafute pesa #MainaAndKingangi