Habit Maina Kageni doesn't like in women

The Morning Show was a blast with Maina and King'ang'i engaging in great conversation

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

The worrying increase in the number of drugs used by women was brought up in today's morning show on Classic 105.

Whether males can date women who consume cannabis sativa was the day's hot subject.

When the Classic105 hosts learned that women may start smoking as early as seven in the morning and then spray some lovely perfume to cover the smell, they were discouraged.

After smoking, they commute to work and carry on with their daily activities as if they had not just smoked cannabis rolls in the morning.

It was revealed over the phone by several listeners that they had been smoking for the past twenty years and show no indications of stopping.

"I have been smoking for the last 20 years, we smoke with my husband in the house and as we are speaking I am smoking in the bedroom."

The listener continued by mentioning that she knows pastors, physicians, and police officers that smoke. She continued by mentioning a preacher she knows who often purchases six rolls.

While some listeners were outright against it, labelling women who smoke marijuana as a major no for them, others were openly in favour of it and claimed that their better half had introduced them to the narcotics.

One audience member revealed to the presenters that this phenomenon is true and that married ladies use it frequently.

Later, she claimed that her marriage had broken down into abuse and that she had found happiness after being introduced to bhang by her married friends.