Lady caller tells Maina the one thing she can't tell hubby

The caller was answering Kageni's question on why people aren't honest with their partners before getting into marriage.

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

According to a Kenyan woman who spoke to radio host Maina Kageni, she is unable to tell her husband how many people have died.

She made this comment during the Maina and King'ang'i In The Morning breakfast programme on Classic 105.

Kageni's question about why people aren't honest with their relationships before getting married was being addressed by the caller.

"Is it wise to be truthful before you marry? Things that you did in the past that is something your partner should know."  

He added; "Is there something you are hiding from your man? And fellas, can you handle the truth?"

Mwalimu King'ang'i added that people need to be honest; "Watu waseme ukweli! Tell him wewe ulikuwa gaidi na ulikuwa ndani four years, if you have a child na ako ushago. Kama unapenda shisha na unajulikana na mabouncer wote wa Nairobi. It's your past just tell him the truth."

Check out tweeps' reactions; 

Incomingbillionaire: Ignoring a woman's past=Ruining your future. High-Value men don't want a woman who was a h*e in the past. Women want a man with a secure future. Men want a woman with a clean past. We all have our standards. The choice is yours.

Kipleting Manuela: Women can't tell you the Truth because they fear being rejected

Jeniffer Kanyiri: I agree but most people don't want to hear the truth and take as it is,coz that's where problems start as you'll always be judged by that past life to even sometimes be stigmatized, its sad

Brian Labatt: Reveal the Truth at your own peril, this is Kenya Maina ni mimba ngapi zimetolewa huku nje wengi wamekula P2 until they can't conceive anymore aniambie unajua this and that thats why I'm this way, Utatoka Maina

Micheal Mich: f it concerns kids open up cause you cant get rid of them, but the rest keep it to yourself except for disease issues.

Jakamser: We should be truthful, since marriage is a long term relationship, therefore each and every one of you knows the truth before and what you are going into,if you hide it, remember one day it will come out very badly

CPA Abonge: Disclosures are critical in financial reports for the reader to get a better understanding. .. same cases with a relationship, your partner needs to know everything to be able to make an informed decision and take calculated risks

Rozzie: I cannot hide my child to keep a man..never better tellin

Milly: Telling the whole truth b4 marriage saves,if your partner will be with u or not at the early stage.not when u guys have gone so far they will judge,hate and probably put an end to the relationship. Checki venye wataanza kujudge Eve

Young Profesa: Maina if people will open up about their past then no one will get married.

Moses Young: Kenyan women will never tell out the truth no matter what happens

Gich Francis: Tugange yajayo... Kusoma gazeti za past tuache..

June: Kuna vitu za kusema na Kuna za kukufa nazo, mtu ujue mtu wako atawezana na secrets gani coz weh mathambi zingine sio za maskio ya wawili.

Sir Antonio: Tuambiane ukweli but sio mambo ya body count..

Ghost: Your past remains in the past.sasa naeza aje kumwambia I have like 4kids with different ladies,and I liked sleeping with my girlfriend's best friend wakikaa mbaya .

Zui: We all know how that goes ni kusafisha na kutakasa dambi all of us are holy joes