I've not paid rent for 3 years in Lavington-Maina shockingly told

The host had asked the listeners why men don't tell their wives about their possessions.

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

On the Classic 105 breakfast show, Maina and King'ang'i posed the question, "Why do men not tell their wives about their possessions?" to the audience.

"Guys, why don't you tell your women where your possessions are?" Asked Maina

Adding "Maybe the wife is somewhere suffering because where is he? Fellas, does your wife know how many properties you have? The money you have in your account?"

A caller admitted that her landlord had vanished three years prior and that no relatives had shown up to demand rent. She said, "I've been living like a queen."

"Maina I live in Lavington and my landlord disappeared into thin air. Just like that! I haven't paid rent for three years mpaka na shindwa huyu hana watu wao? Mimi naishi kama mzungu."

Check out tweeps' reactions;

Doroh: Be wise sell the apartment and fund another home...that's adead landlord

Fafaboyz: I’d a neighbor who lived rent-free for 20 years plus. Initially, the owner used to come personally to collect rent. This is in the early 80s-90s. One day the owner just never turned up to collect the rent

Vet Murage: Kikuyu proverb "mwanamke haonyeshangwi nywele zote za makwapa" !! Kwanza hawa wa siku hizi kutrust ni ngumu ..anajenga apartment bila kukwambia na unaenda unarent huko na Unalipia.. na ukichelewa kulipa unafungiwa na ni ya bibi yako !

Njiri: Hamisha vitu pole pole

 Nicholas Obure: Hiyo ni bahati na baraka

Bayern: He will reappear after 4 years and demand all the rent for all those months cumulatively

Phoeenick: I support the 30% hiding of property, women should also embrace it and in the end, just put it all down in your will

Njeru Ngunu: Even my dad tells my mom kuna shamba iko mahali but mom akaulizwa specifically wapi hajui na si moja.

Steve Mulwa: I have 10 yrs now and My wife hasn't seen My payslip, some secrets are personal, the moment she notices your net salary atajiongezea some expenses, #MainaAndKingangi

Vet Murage: But i also think the character of your wife dictates your openness.. if you're married to a person for 20,30yrs you know her in and out if shes has be good and supportive utamficha nini? .. so also character is a determinant.