'Can men really handle the hard truth from women!?'-Maina

This is after Monday's discussion that led men into admitting that a woman's body count matters and that it would determine if he'd choose her as a life partner or not

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

On the Classic 105 breakfast show, Maina Kageni questioned men about their ability to take any difficult information that their wives might give them.

This follows the conversation on Monday that got men to admit that a woman's body count affects whether or not he chooses her as his life partner.

Well, many men have acknowledged that the truth is significant and may be difficult to accept.

Maina Kageni asked "Fellas, If your women told you the honest truth, can you handle it? Are you sure you would want to know the truth? Fellas, are you able to handle the truth?"

Check out tweeps' reactions;

Janet Muthomi: Mimi siwezi sema ukweli aki @ItsMainaKageni past yangu Acha ibaki tu huko

Douglas Kiplagat: I won't handle that truth. Just keep it as your history. It will break my heart . Let me learn it on my own.

Alltop starrr: Let the past stay in the past, build a new future. #MainaAndKingangi Good Morning. Let's Go Solar!

Jennifer Kanyiri: It's impossible as men are weak to handle that truth as after knowing it all , the man will never value that woman anymore as before and that's will be the genesis of conflict in that relationship and finally it'll end

Shykoo Shiks: They cannot handle the truth, it's so bitter to swallow, we'd rather just keep it to ourselves, once spilled that's the end of it

Sharon Jeptoo: Kenyan men can not handle the truth..Soo some news must die in the news room period.

Gerald Drew: Honestly man couldn't stay. There's a video I saw on tiktok. Where a woman opened claiming 2 out of 3 kids she has are his ex boyfriend's and the last born is officially her husband's only child

Sheriff: I personally prefer being in the dark. The day you open that mouth is the last day utaona hii sura yangu baya.

The Host William: If my lady speaks truth, that shall be the end of our story. Let her pack and go

Ghost: It will depend which truth is she speaking about

Collins Rono: We can't withstand anything from our ladies past and even present Bora usijue tu.... Life is determined by the way you started it ....if. You did. Started with old men that is your way