'Mbona huna watoto!?' Mwalimu King'angi calls out Maina Kageni

His co-host, Mwalim King'ang'i said children come with their own blessings

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni does not see the need to have many kids in these hard economic times.

In the morning conversation, the radio personality asked where the obsession with having many kids came from.

"What is this obsession of having so many children? How are you going to raise 5 kids with this economy? You are the same people complaining about school fees, rent, CBC. Are Murang'a men stingy or just good planners?"

His co-host, Mwalim King'ang'i said children come with their own blessings.

"Mtoto anakuja na sahani yake, there's a blessing that comes with them."

He added, "Shida yenyu hampati watoto. Mnapata wawili mnafunga kazi na pesa mkonayo. Maina ata hujaanza! People need to get children."

Check out Netizen's reaction;

Shykoo Shiks: Kids are a blessing from God, but with this economy wuuuueh unless haikufinyi .

DJ Greenlight: Hio ni good planning maina no need of having many children alafu they end up suffering kwanza hii economy, school fees imepanda kazi nazo ata Ka ziko hazilipi vizuri

Japur Simba: Wewe, wachana na sisi tuzae. Kila mtoto huja na Sahani yake

Kipronoh Koech: Kuna ile kafeeling mzuri ya kuwa na watoto wengi...watakusaidia mbele

Jeniffer Kanyiri: @ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya Mwalimu need to know financially ability is the one which determines the number of kids one should have ,no need of getting yourself into a burden you can't handle

Mossy Wa Kanyiri: If you have financial strength to bring up children, bring as many as you can. Let your house be filled with them.

Monique Monmoss: U have to plan ur family this nonsense of mtoto atacome na sahani yake was for our grannys who thought many kids was a sign of wealth!Give birth to kids u can be able to giv the best life!These politicians have 2or3 kids with the best lifestyle! @ItsMainaKageni #MainaAndKingang