Why do women hide their money from men? Maina asks

A caller said she would be doomed if she didn't keep some money for herself and her kids

Maina Kageni

Classic 105 radio presenter Maina Kageni has advised women not to disclose money or property they own to their men. 

"The day you tell him where everything is, you are finished!" He said

His co-host, Mwalimu King'ang'i added "Why do they hide money from us? We are not that bad! Ladies, do you tell your man everything? How much do you have in your account, Sacco's and properties? What's your experience having given your man your money?"

A caller said she would be doomed if she didn't keep some money for herself and her kids.

"Like right now, the landlord has said he wants to give us a vacation letter for four months. So, tukiwafichia pesa, si kupenda kwetu."

Another caller added;

"My ex brings me money and I keep it for her, it's been one and a half years now. I felt the money was a lot and I went to Kitengela and bought land. I told her and she put me behind bars. The husband thinks I am the cousin but I am her ex. The money was 3.5 million. It was an opportunity and I took it."

Check out reactions from Tweeps;

Senior Scientist: A man is the CEO of the family. He's in charge of all the affairs of the family including all the funds in that family. If I ever found out my wife has money hidden somewhere and we're suffering then she should be out of that house before dawn. There's no conversation in that. I don't need her. Hio siku ndio atajua we're the CEOs, we can hire and fire

Daktari John: we cannot live like this anymore if my money is ours how comes her money is hers,thats why men live alot of unknown wealth.

Peris Nganga: I can't give him even a coin never ever

Sir Antonio: Hata sitaki kujua ako na ngapi,,kaa na pesa zako staki stress.