Quick facts about Stevo Simple Boy's journey to fame, controversy & family

Quick facts about Stevo Simple Boy's journey to fame, controversy & family

Steven Otieno alias Stevo Simple Boy is a Kenyan musician from Kibera in his 30s. 

He rose to fame in 2019 after he released his hit song 'Mihadarati'. The song addresses the dangers of drug and substance abuse among the youth. His first song was known as 'Ukimwi' released in 2015. 

He performed at the following concerts while starting out ;Made in Kibera Live concert, Uchaguzi bila Fujo Live Concert, Art attack Festivals, Kibera Music competition.

Stevo has released other songs such as 'Freshi barida', 'Makasisi', 'Ni Nani', 'Inabamba' and 'Heshimu Ndoa' among others.

He has also worked with fellow artists in the music industry by doing a collaboration with several of them. 

In January 2023 the popular comedian Eric Omondi released a diss song to Stevo after he failed to secure a collabo with Nigerian singer Ruger after he visited Kenya. This happened just after Stevo's ex Pritty Vishi released a song about Stevo.

Stevo's dating life has been public since his fame. He has had controversies with his ex-girlfriend Pretty Vishy who is a content creator. They started dating before Stevo's fame way back while they were both in Kibera. They had a heated breakup that shook the internet. 

Another iconic trend of Stevo is a saddening incident that happened to him. He was performing on a TV show and unfortunately fainted, this left his fans worried. 

He sought medical attention and cleared the air by saying that he was out of breath while performing. 

Recently, Stevo got into a pitiful situation with his former manager, Chingiboy Mstado. The former manager stopped working for Stevo Simple Boy claiming that Stevo's family and wife did not like him. 

He later got hold of Stevo's social media accounts and started demanding ksh150,000 to release it to him.

At long last, they squashed their beef and reconciled as Stevo reclaimed his social media accounts from the manager. The statement is attached below. 

Stevo's Boy statement
Image: Instagram