Stevo Simple Boy finally reacts after KRG called him 'kilema'

The 2 artistes have had a vicious back and forth over who is better

KRG vs Stevo Simple Boy
Image: Courtesy

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy has opened up for the first time about his feelings after artist KRGtheDon referred to him as disabled.

In an interview on a local radio station during his promotional tour for his collaboration with Konshens, KRG was asked about Stevo, whom had called the rich musician a video vixen.

Disdainfully, KRG mentioned that he had no response to Stevo, referring to him as disabled.

Now, when asked about this in an interview by Trudy Kitui, Stevo expressed that KRG's statement hurt him a lot, but he stated that it couldn't affect him in any way as he is accustomed to being labeled with negative names.

"It really hurt me, but I just knew these are just an exchange of words; let's see everyone's bravado. I can't tell what made KRG call me disabled, I can't tell," Stevo said.

However, the artist mentioned that despite KRG's statement appearing to belittle and demean him, it did not seem to carry that much weight for his friends and family.

Stevo stated that he has a very understanding wife and family, who view KRG's statement as just part of the banter intended to entertain fans.

"My wife understands, and my family also understands; they just said these are just musical words," Stevo reassured his fans who were angered by KRG's remarks.