Mesut Özil expresses support for Tottenham

The former Arsenal player has also made a big promise if they win

Mesut Özil
Image: Courtesy

Former Arsenal star Mesut Özil has announced his support for Tottenham Hotspur ahead of their highly anticipated match against defending champions Manchester City.

Spurs are expected to host Pep Guardiola's side at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Tuesday evening, and the outcome will be crucial for the two teams sitting at the top of the table.

If Man City win, they will return to the top of the table. On the other hand, if Tottenham win, Man City will remain in second place and hope that Arsenal lose their final match.

In a tweet on Tuesday afternoon, Özil made it clear that he supports Tottenham to win and even promised to stop teasing them if they don't lose the game.

"For the first time tonight: C’MON SPURSSS!!! If Tottenham don’t lose this game, I won’t tease them anymore, I promise," Özil said.

This comes at a time when a large percentage of Arsenal fans are supporting their long-time rivals to win their second-last EPL match of the 2023/24 season.

Interestingly, a large number of Tottenham fans, on the other hand, have said they would rather lose the match than give Arsenal a chance to win the league.

On Sunday, Arsenal midfielder Kai Havertz also announced his support for their main rivals in their match against the winner of the 2022/23 EPL.

"I will be a big fan of Tottenham forever, we will all be. So let's hope for the best," Havertz said in an interview.

Man City will be hoping to surpass Arsenal by defeating Tottenham away on Tuesday evening, as they hope their neighbors will stop their main competitor this season.