Boda rider shocks many with confession of returning expensive gifts from a woman

Would you turn down expensive gifts from someone who is making advances towards you

Mike Mondo
Image: Instagram

Radio Host Mike Mondo had a very interesting discussion after a boda boda caller confessed that there was a woman who had been gifting him heavily with up to Sh100,000.

This is what the boda boda caller had to say, "I am a boda boda rider and there's a woman who kept sending me money. Anytime she sent me money I would reverse. She even sent me 100k but I had to call her and tell her; If you send me money again, I will give it to charity."

This led Mike Mondo to ask a question to the Netizens, "How many of us can do this? Would you turn down those expensive gifts or money?"

This man is one in a million! Should he have accepted the money and if he did would that be cheating? How many of us can do this? Would you turn down those expensive gifts or money?

These are some of the comments made by Netizens;

 @Stevemulwa9 Hoo my Lowd !!! Mike for me it's an abomination to reverse any money send wrongly or rightfully in My account,the other issues i can reject, kindly tell that Okada rider to pass that jackpot over to me And God will bless him 

@Stevemulwa9· Mikewhy do people encourage poverty ??? I'm embarrassed by that Okada Rider .... 

.@Kevinmaina This is a wise thing that he did,women nowadays will trap you with anything.kubali pesa then later you be accused of rape and other fraud issues.courts nowadays don't care for the man.

@aawoko It might not be right but sahi its about survival, as the guy said peeesssaaa the guys saying they cant allow their wives cheat are the biggest cheats lets be real hii Kanairo ni per person sharing, trst just because hujapatwa doesnt mean you havent or aren't,nway just stating.

Down below is a snippet: