Hilarious reason Salasya denied marriage proposal

The bold woman called Lavyn had gone with a placard to the centre of town to ask him to marry her

Peter Salaysa
Image: Instagram

East Mumias MP Peter Salasya has turned down a marriage proposal from a woman who had volunteered to be his wife.

According to Salasya, he says he cannot handle her because of her physical appearance.

"I have heard that this is trending, and I am not sure if I can handle this machine," Salasya wrote on his Facebook post.

Bramwel Abueka, a follower of the MP, continued to comment below his post, saying, "Whatever you know that you represent the entire Luhya nation."

Mc Anguka, who is also a follower of the MP, did not hesitate to express his thoughts, "You are honest, Honorable."

A few days ago, a photo of a woman named Shantell Lavyn was circulating on social media holding a banner asking the MP to marry her.

She added that she is ready to settle down in marriage and left her phone number for the MP to contact her.

In 2022, Salasya revealed the qualities of an ideal woman he would like to marry.

He said his woman must be God-fearing and have an interest in politics to support him in politics.

However, he said he was not in a hurry to marry and could not be persuaded otherwise.