Reason Willy Paul hadn't gone to church for 7 years

Several years ago, Willy Paul surprised Kenyans when he transitioned from gospel music to the secular music industry.

Willy Paul
Image: Instagram

Renowned Kenyan musician Wilson Abubakar Radido, popularly known as Willy Paul, broke his usual routine on Sunday, January 28, and went to church for the first time in almost seven years.

In a statement on Monday morning, the former gospel singer revealed that the last time he attended a church service was in 2017.

He mentioned that he had been avoiding the house of God for several years due to an unpleasant incident that happened to him earlier.

"I haven't been to church since 2017 because the church did something wrong to me," Willy Paul said on his Instagram page.

However, he disclosed that he felt good after letting bygones be bygones and attending a church service in Nairobi on Sunday.

"But yesterday, I attended a church service in Embakasi, and I feel very comforted. It will be a great year because I have started attending church again," he said.

The controversial love song artist, however, accompanied his statement with a photo that had nothing to do with the church. It was a picture of him with a woman in what appeared to be an entertainment venue.

Several years ago, Willy Paul surprised Kenyans when he transitioned from gospel music to the secular music industry.

In 2021, he opened up about leaving the gospel music industry due to unseen forces that worked day and night to bring him down. This led to depression and ultimately a breakdown.

In a lengthy explanation, Willy Paul detailed the reasons for his departure from gospel music.

"If up to now I have never gone down because of hatred, then I don't think I ever will. Some of you ask me why I left the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ... and even call me names because I no longer praise Jesus in my songs. According to them, I am very bad, and everything about me is wrong.

These are the same people who fought for me when I was on the side of Jesus 😆 The reasons why I left. Hatred from my fellow artists and DJs, my songs not being aired (claiming that my content was not godly at that time), discrimination, and favoritism.

I was a big artist, but these wicked people could not see that. Or they just chose to ignore the truth! These people broke my heart! They hurt me so much; I was down for about 4 months, crying silently every day, both day and night. It reached a point where I could not bear it anymore... I didn't have money to pay my bills or even help at home. Can you imagine I had the biggest songs, and these people treated me like that!" Willy Paul lamented.