Post that has caused fans to think Milly WaJesus is pregnant

If it is true, this would be the third child the family is having.

Milly WaJesus
Image: Instagram

On Christmas Day, the WaJesus family surprised their followers with an interesting surprise. Milly posted a video of herself clutching her stomach to Instagram, captioning the post,

"12:25:2023 🙌 12pm 🕛 Merry Christmas 🎁Today we do it differently!!!"

Her most recent photos don't appear to indicate that she is pregnant, despite her seeming suggestion that it had to do with being pregnant.

Milly has previously exploited her pregnancy announcement to gain influence. They prayed about growing their family and revealed they were expecting a third child in January. Together, they are parents to two kids.

Here is speculation from their fans what the couple is going to reveal:

ssie_paris1Family pictures with princess face reveal.

susan_waruchu Total confusion Jameni but tumekua harusi juzi

zullybaby2 Akuna kitu juzi tuu ulikuwa una dance kwa wedding ati Leo Ukona boll

wambui__221 Manguo😭😂 im not falling for the prank😂

suzzinjeri Face reveal ya princess 😍 merry Christmas

sonnysonny441 1hFace reveal 🤭

sa.lly1690 Mcheeww I don't buy this lie,Mimi naona mansion imeisha

wambuisylvia04 s a lie😂,juzi tu ukidance kwa wedding ya Ritchie

Kabi has often expressed his desire to have a child this year. He had been showing up and acknowledged this in a note on Instagram;

"I believe that this is the year of access, access to things that you have been praying for, access to happiness, access to good health, access to love and laugh, access to the mind of God through a relationship with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Naona pia 2023 na access baby number 3 😉," Kabi said while tagging his wife.