Milly WaJesus's threat to Kabi after uncovering huge financial secret

The threat could cause serious potential problems for her hubby's male friend's

Kabi WaJesus and Milly WaJesus
Image: Instagram

In a YouTube video discussing their money, Milly WaJesus posed challenging questions to her husband Kabi.

Kabi routinely handed his male pals money without asking them for it back, which Milly discovered.

At least Sh150k was given to one friend by Kabi who never paid it back. When he distributed money from their joint savings account to his boy squad, Milly complained that he had done so without asking her first.

In their argument, Milly is accused by Kabi of asking too many questions about the reasons why money is being lent to his male pals.

"To make it worse the guy -kabi- has his own account, his own money, why are you getting the money that you are giving your friends from our joint account? It doesn't matter the amount," Milly says

He tries to pray about their argument but Milly stops him.

"That habit of praying in the midst of an argument, that's sin. When you have upset someone, before you you pray, go and make peace with that person, and then come back and pray. That tactic of yours, you start praying in the midst of argument is a sin"

She sets a rule that he must consult and set a maximum of Sh10k instead of Sh150K.

"Because it's become a habit. Kwanza what makes me even more mad is that you lend to people who've refused to give back your money. they already have another loan. why are you like that? Too much kindness, It's not good for business."

He protests but she ignores him. Milly then announced to Kabi she'd personally handle the loan refunds. "I want to go to those people nataka kuzifuatilia."

A shocked Kabi begs her not to fearing it will end his friendships with people who owe him money.

"No way. No. No. No. I cannot let my wife go to start dealing my business." expressing his fear.

"No, me I'm a respectful person," Milly says about how she will handle things

"Let me tell you something love, NO " Kabi tries to be firm.

"Hiyo nafuatilie. I am going after it," Milly forcefully tells him.

"No. BTW let me tell you wives are the ones that break most relationships. Utaharibu, how do you call someone and ask them for the money I loaned them? Maybe hata wife hajui," Kabi adds.

He continues, "You cannot bulldoze. One, do not call anyone I have lent money to, I will deal with them. Please do not get involved."