Kabi WaJesus recounts tough struggle with drug addiction

I started smoking weed in class 5 - Kabi WaJesus reveals

Kabi WaJesus

Digital content creator and social media influencer Kabi WaJesus has shared how before he got saved he used to occasionally smoke weed to the point of his health badly suffering.

The father of 3 shockingly revealed that he started smoking while he was in class 5 all in a bid to fit in.

"Ushawai vuta weed? In the wild journey of life especially growing up in the ghetto, sometimes you find yourself taking unexpected turns. 

Nikiwa class 5, I was introduced to smoking weed – a choice born from the desire to fit in and hold onto friends. Little did I know, it was just the gateway to something more sinister – a notorious gang," started off the YouTuber in a lengthy Instagram post.

Kabi went on to add;

"They told me initiation required circumcision, a plot that would have seen me convince my parents to let me go under the knife in class 6. Thank you, Jesus, that plan never materialized!

We often hear people make light of weed, but it's a path that can lead someone's child to crime, heavy addiction, or a life as useful as a cabbage! 🥬"

Offering words of advice as he shared how he battled the addiction and finally found salvation, Kabi encouraged grownups to stop romanticizing drug abuse as the younger generation is prone to picking up behaviour from those around them.

"So let’s not make drugs look fun because you are an adult and maybe in control of yourself. What about that child who is watching and all they want is copy without any self control?

How will their young minds be saved from this?

Fast forward to my TB diagnosis, the doctor's orders were clear: quit smoking both weed & cigarettes. I managed a few months before falling off being sober.

But after sometime I went right back to it full force. This made me realize that alone I can’t break my addictions.

Then, on September 15, 2013, I found salvation and became born again. Fearing a relapse, I kept some joints just in case. But to my surprise, the moment I accepted Jesus as my savior, the urge vanished! 😂

But I also did something else - I had heartfelt conversations with my past demons, holding them and declaring, "I will smoke or drink you no more, I am now Born again!"

I believe in the power of testifying your faith, not just to others, but to your struggles too.Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;Remember, faith can be your strongest ally in the craziest of journeys," the last of his lengthy post read.

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