How Nazizi discovered son's profound hearing loss

This is after she noticed that when he was 11 months, he was having challenges with his hearing

Nazizi and her son Jazeel
Nazizi and her son Jazeel

Rapper and former radio presenter Nazizi has taken her son, Jazeel Adam for a cochlear implant surgery.

This is after she noticed that when he was 11 months old, he was having challenges with his hearing.

According to Mayo Clinic, a cochlear implant surgery uses a sound processor that fits behind the ear. The processor captures sound signals and sends them to a receiver implanted under the skin behind the ear. The receiver sends the signals to electrodes implanted in the snail-shaped inner ear (cochlea).

Nazizi says Jazeel could hear loud sounds and was a bit confused about whether he could hear or not.

"Doing a hearing test was also a challenge because the baby needs to be asleep to get a proper test done and jaz is a very light sleeper and we weren't given the right info on how it was possible to help him sleep for the test," she said on her Instagram

Adding "Fast forward to Feb 2023, we were able to do the test at Nairobi Audiology, where they gave him melatonin to sleep, and we found out that Jaz has profound hearing loss. It was a shock as much as we suspected it, but now we were 100 % sure. Later on that month, Jaz was fitted with hearing aids which helped him with environmental sounds, and as much as we saw changes, he still wasn't hearing well enough to develop speech. We then found out about cochlear implant surgery, and the new challenge was we had a timeline to beat. For C.I. surgery the earlier the better and its recommended before 3 yrs and our jazy was turning 3 in a few months, not to mention the cost of the surgery."

The little one underwent the surgery in August 3rd this year which she said was the hardest decision she has made as a parent. 

Jazeel is currently recuperating at home.

".... And I can't tell you what an emotional roller coaster it's been. We are currently home recovering, doing well, and praying for a successful switch on early next month. I'm so proud of my boy he is a warrior who constantly reminds me of the strength we all have within is to fight the biggest challenges. I thought hard about whether I wanted to share his journey with the world, and it hit me how many parents could be going through the same with no information on how to go through the process.You are not alone."