I cried in the toilet- DJ Krowbar after first hearing of wife's illness

DJ Krowbar narrates how he reacted for the first time after wife was diagnosed with Kidney failure

DJ Krowbar and wife
DJ Krowbar and wife

DJ Krowbar and his wife are appealing for financial help, to aid his wife in undergoing a kidney transplant. Krowbar revealed that Joy had been diagnosed with kidney failure.

Joy's younger sister will be the one donating the organ.

During an interview with Mwende Macharia, Krowbar said he cried the first time he was informed of his wife's illness.

"It was April last year on a Sunday. She wasn't feeling well, I told her to go to the hospital and I'll stay with the kids. I was called to go to the hospital and When I got there, the doctor told me that she had a kidney failure which was brought by high blood pressure."

She said that at first, they did not believe it and sought a second opinion. 

"Hatukuamini. We went to three hospitals cause we didn't believe it, they said we needed dialysis immediately to save her life."

He revealed "The first time aliwekwa kwa mchine nilijikaza kimwanamme lakini nikaenda choo nikakaa peke yangu nikalia, sikua naamini ni nini nimeona, juu wife alikua analia."

Krowbar said two weeks later, joy had a blood infection "Tukarudi hosi, its blunder. Tukakaa wiki mbili, after those two weeks we believed. It was so bad that she said she didn't want visitors in the hospital. She wanted to be alone to accept. We started dialysis last year and its expensive."

The diet had to change and so, it meant more expenses for the couple but God came through for them.

"There were times it was so expensive for us, I would tell God, I am tired and I can't do this anymore. I told Him, I will not beg for money."

"When the year started, I was so low. A couple called and said they will pay our kids' school fees."

Krowbar said Joy's sister said she was ready to donate a kidney to Joy last year but asked her to take time to think about it.

"Sister ya joy mdogo akakam na akasema ako ready kumpea, we asked her to take her time. The conversation came back this April and she said she is ready."

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