Nandy opens up on making millions while pregnant

Nandy and her husband Billnass welcomed their first born child last year few weeks after walking down the aisle


Tanzanian singer Nandy says she made a lot of money when she was heavily pregnant. Nandy and her husband Billnass welcomed their firstborn child last year a few weeks after walking down the aisle. 

In a recent interview with Clouds FM, Nandy said being a mum was no joke.

"In motherhood, there's happiness, getting angry, fatigue but above all happiness is the most prominent," she said

Adding "When you look at your child you say, you are mine. "

Nandy was still working until the doctors asked her to chill "When I was pregnant I made a lot of money and got a lot of deals, when I gave birth, the money and the deals doubled. I cannot say how much I made but I thank God."

Early this year, the singer shared a photo of 'her daughter' but fans claimed that the photo was not of her biological daughter as her skin colour was darker than both her parents.

Responding to the fans, she said;

"The child is ours. We are enjoying our child."

The celebrity parents have never revealed what they named the child, only speaking of the joy of being parents.

"I want to thank God for He is Mighty, a Kichaga girl has been born," Nandy wrote when announcing the birth of her daughter

"I love my mother because now I see the real meaning of being called a mother. I have never been this happy. I am happy from the bottom of my heart."