Why our parents rejected our 1st wedding proposal - Nandy

Nandy and Bilnass finally walked down the aisle last year

Nandy and Billnass

Tanzanian singer Nandy says her first engagement to rapper Bilnass was turned down by both their parents. 

Nandy has praised the rapper as faithful and understanding.

"I feel so lucky. I got a man that is so understanding. His music is so different from his personal life. I have never felt him cheat on me. Since the first time he proposed to me and my parents turned our proposal down, he had already told me that he wanted to marry me but I was not ready. He even replaced the word 'Babe' with 'Wifey' at the time."

Nandy said the parents said the two did not follow their traditions in proposing.

"Parents sat us down and told us to do a proper engagement."

Last year, Nandy walked down the aisle while she was heavily pregnant. In an interview on Instagram live with Kalondu Musyimi, the 'Kiza Kinene' hitmaker vowed never to post her daughter on social media.

"It is my first time to be a mum and I don't know how it is going to be or if I will be required for me to take a break. But If all goes well, I am willing to start working immediately after my baby comes," she said.

"To post a baby on social media is a decision for both parents but we agreed no social media," she said.

"If any brand wants to work with my baby, I am enough with the branding. My child doesn't have to be online."

Nandy added;

"Social media has both advantages and disadvantages. I don't want to expose my child to that. I will be denying them their rights. I want them to have a different life from mine."

She added that she would be traveling with her mum and her sister to help take care of her child.

"For now I want to continue working. It's God's plan and I know I will be able to travel. My baby will be with me all over," she said.

"I was a bit slow in my first trimester. I could not go and do my shooting. I was afraid I would miscarry. I really thank God for that I have not had challenges. I eat everything but my favourite is maize and water. I eat everything and my appetite is on top," she said.

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