Sifuna to police: Return my blue polo shirt

In the morning, the Nairobi senator was wearing a blue polo t-shirt and navy bluejacket.

Edwin Sifuna.
Image: Ezekiel Aminga

Edwin Sifuna, the Nairobi Senator has alleged that his blue polo t-shirt was taken away by police while protesting at KICC.

Sifuna now says he needs his t-shirt back because it means a lot to him.

"If you look at me you will notice am wearing a different shirt. The police officer went away with my blue t-shirt, I would like to have it back because it has sentimental value," Sifuna said.

The senator was explaining the circumstances that led to his attire change at Parliament Buildings.

While showing the press his neck, Sifuna said the police officer was allegedly trying to strangle him, while trying to arrest him.

"The marks on my neck were inflicted by a police officer who tried to strangle me in the streets," he said.

In the morning, Sifuna was wearing a blue polo t-shirt and sky blue coat. But at around midday, he appeared at Parliament wearing a short-sleeved checked shirt.

Sifuna further accused police of causing the chaos witnessed in the City as Azimio supporters took to the streets to protest the high cost of living.

"Police have turned what was peaceful #Maandamano into ugly confrontation," he said.

He also condemned the arrest of Minority Leaders from both houses of Parliament.

"They (police) have arrested the Minority Leaders in both Houses of Parliament and a number of other leaders. This is totally uncalled for," Sifuna added.

According to Azimio leaders, Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi, Malindi MP Amina Mnyazi, Kilfi South MP Ken Chonga and Senator Stewart Madzayo have been arrested.