Mercy Kyallo describes scary experience with a stalker

Last year, a stranger showed up at her doorstep demanding to speak to her

Mercy Kyallo
Mercy Kyallo

Mercy Kyallo has revealed that last year someone showed up at her doorstep after posting on social media about where she lives.

She explained how scared she was since it was something she did not expect.

"Last year, someone showed up asking for me and if I live there asking for medical help," she told Kalondu Musyimi.

She also said that she tried as much as possible to be kind and understanding to the person but she felt like just showing up at someone's house is kinda crazy because it was a breach of privacy.

Regarding how she reacted to the situation, the entrepreneur disclosed that she was in her gown and was shocked since it was something that was surprising and unforeseen.

"First of all, I was in my gown, I was a bit shocked and taken aback and since I'm not an aggressive person, I was kind enough." 

Betty Kyallo's younger sister also talked about her business, Yallo residency saying that it is a project that she fell in love with.

"I love transforming old houses and I gave it my all in creating a great getaway for people to go and just relax and enjoy the fresh air and everything," she explained.

Further adding that;

"As much as I'm very excited for Yallo residency and what I do, and creative venture, I don't know if I can continue with the same."

The Yallo CEO also gave a piece of advice for entrepreneurs saying that they should just be resilient since it keeps also keeps her strong adding that,

"I know things can be very very tough but let's put our creativity forward and just know how to conquer the challenges that come with the business."