The valuable lesson Betty Kyallo learnt after her past failed relationships

She broke up with her lawyer bae in 2021

Betty Kyallo.
Image: Instagram/Betty Kyallo.

Veteran media great Betty Kyallo has for the first time talked about moving on after breaking up with Lawyer Nick Ndeda.

Speaking during the launch of her business on Wednesday, Betty talked about a new boyfriend that she has kept away from the limelight.

Betty laughed as she said that she was caught off guard with the question. She then revealed that she has been dating for a year.

Betty also revealed plans to get married by her new bae. Betty went ahead and said that at the moment she does not fancy big weddings because love is about two people.

She said that she will just hold a small wedding without attracting unnecessary attention.

"I feel like this time I want to do things differently. I just want to date on the down-low because this thing of exposing a partner leads to problems. I want to keep it a secret till we decide that it is time to get married."

About having more kids, Betty revealed that her daughter Ivanna has been asking for a brother and a sister and she will soon make her wishes come true.

"Ivanna keeps saying she wants a baby sister or brother to take care of," she said.

In her reality show, Kyallo Culture, Betty said she regrets posting too much about her love life then.

"We would post a lot of things when we were on honeymoons and life continued," she said.

"Things started coming up immediately after our honeymoon. One thing after another with the family and after some time, I started feeling like that was not the life I signed up for and we started having issues and after some time, I decided this is not working."