Jose Chameleone allegedly assaults Boda Boda rider

Reports indicate that the boda boda rider had knocked the singer's new Range and scratched it

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone
Image: Instagram

Ugandan legendary musician Jose Chameleone has been accused of beating a Boda Boda rider. A video shows the singer alighting from his Range Rover as he approaches a Boda Boda guy, whom he lashes four times using a big stick.

Reports indicate that the Boda Boda rider had knocked the singer's new Range and scratched it.

After the alleged assault, the singer is seen entering his car and driving off.


This is said to have happened at Seguku along Entebbe Road. The road goes to the singer’s home.

The singer is yet to release a statement over the video that has now gone viral.

Check out fans' reactions;

Koffi_Urnaz: A Range Rover is expensive ba dear 😂🔥

Herlyf: Jose is not fine since last year man needs prayers

Edwinbassibe: The guy that stopped the other one from fighting back is the HERO in this story!

Karimwete: I condemn this act but karma is near 😢

Jozzi: These are your so called legends & Icons in Uganda 🤦🏾‍♂️I hope he gets to face the law for that for his inhumane behavior and lack of compassion towards fellow Ugandans.

Shadwyn: why would people we call rolemodels do this😢

Kartimothy: I don’t support violence

Jidersmileys: Despite bodas driving recklessly....when these cars get accidents,these guys are the first people to help.....that was so violent....

intenationalbae: Does he just keep that cane 🦯 in his car

Sarahpowersz: Many ways to handle issues, this is violating someone’s rights, no one is perfect!

Sheebabrit: This kind of barbaric behavior needs to stop✋especially from people In the lime light,why would you hit a fellow human like that because of a car ,we understand its expensive but is it worth someone's life and health?

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