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Zuchu confirms she disappointed management after refusing Sh 600 million deal

A month ago, Tanzanian singer Zuchu said that she had refused a multi-million ambassadorial deal for an alcohol brand. Zuchu said that she is a staunch Muslim and her religion does not allow her to take alcohol.

The ‘Sukari’ hitmaker has now revealed how much the deal was. It was a whopping 600 million Tanzanian shillings which is equivalent to Ksh 28,509,702.

“If I refuse the deal, it means that someone else’s blessings. I am not the one to do everything. I don’t take alcohol. I like to promote something that I use and If I’m not using it, it shouldn’t give me fear or lack of peace.” She recently opened up to Wasafi media

She added that she might have disappointed her management even though they chose not to tell her their feelings.

“When you are under a management, every artiste becomes like your child and every child has their own ways.”

Zuchu posing
Zuchu posing

Zuchu got into the music industry about a year ago after being signed by Diamond Platnumz under WCB. This year, she’s hit top music charts with the songs ‘Sukari’ and ‘Nyumba Ndogo’

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