Diamond and Zuchu together

Was Zuchu the cause of Diamond and Tanasha’s break-up? Singer comes clean

After Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha’s split, many rumours as to why they broke up were released. One was that the Tanzanian superstar had cheated on his baby mama with his new WCB Records signee Zuchu.

As of now, we still don’t know the truth of why the power-couple split up but Zuchu has come out to allay any fears that she was responsible for their end.

Zuchu cover for her new song
Zuchu cover for her new song

The rumours spread when she was spotted shopping with Diamond soon after he was she was unveiled as the first female signee on Diamond’s record label.

The budding female Bongo artiste made the headlines soon after her unveiling by the Wasafi team, additionally being alleged to be the crooner’s girl.

Diamond and Zuchu walking together
Diamond and Zuchu walking together

Zuchu recently spoke to Tanzanian publication Ijumaa Wikienda revealing that she had foreseen such kind of reports getting thrown her way, prior to her unveiling at WCB.

Fake man! Tanasha throws shade at Diamond for supporting Zuchu

The singer explained that she had been warned by her mom on what would ensue and was prepared.

I was warned by my mother that netizens can lead me astray and stop me from achieving my dreams. Don’t believe everything that’s being said because there’s freedom of expression and people say what they want to.

Zuchu posing
Zuchu posing


I was not involved in Tanasha’s relationship with Diamond. I’m at Wasafi for work only.

The dark-skinned musician added that she had unrealised dreams that no man was going to prevent her from getting to.

According to her, she is still young and time for dating will eventually come. Just not now.

I need to pursue my dreams and don’t have time for people who want to break my heart. Most importantly, I respect all my bosses at WCB and I also respect Diamond and Tanasha.

Zuchu posing
Zuchu posing

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