maina kageni and zari

Zari’s vicious response to Ringtone will tickle you

By now you know that Zari was offered a gift by Ringtone -a car- and one would be forgiven for believing that he is actually serious about chasing after the mother of 5 who is fresh off a relationship with Diamond Platnumz that ended badly.

So Ringtone rolled up to the Classic 105 offices in a convoy to present the car he is offering as a gift to Zari and word did indeed reachΒ Zari who responded to Ringtone and his gift in so savage a manner that only a boss lady can.

And boy was Doro Boss vicious:

zari fires salvos at ringtone

In the conversation, a fan asks Zari to tell Ringtone the Range Rover he bought her as a gift and she says he needs to give it to the people still driving the 1998 model of the Range Rover.

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